Reading in the Age of Coronavirus

I'm going to be honest with you: I haven't been reading much this year. Based on things I've been reading on social media, it seems as though I'm not alone in this. The COVID-19 pandemic has made so many of us more anxious than usual, and it can be difficult to shut your brain off and get lost in a book, even though that escape can be exactly what we need right now!


the moment has come!

It's Monday, August 27, which can only mean one thing in writer-land... THE PITCHWARS SUB WINDOW IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!! I submitted my materials last night and promptly shut off my light and went to sleep. Do I think I'll be chosen this year?... I mean, never say never, right? This is my fourth year entering… Continue reading the moment has come!


My Writing Style: 2 weeks until 90 Day Writing Challenge!

So, I was tasked by Ms Eve Jacob my taskmaster with writing this blog post on my writing style/habits. To be honest, I'm still working on it. How about this: I'll write 2 sections. One on how I write now, and one on how I'd like to write. This is how I write now: first,… Continue reading My Writing Style: 2 weeks until 90 Day Writing Challenge!