the long wait

It's been 13 days since the PitchWars submission window first opened and, if you're anything like me, you're feeling the anticipation. Many writers are already getting discouraged because they haven't received a request (even though mentors have said they'll be requesting right up until picks are announced October 12). I'm not allowed to publicly discuss… Continue reading the long wait


the moment has come!

It's Monday, August 27, which can only mean one thing in writer-land... THE PITCHWARS SUB WINDOW IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!! I submitted my materials last night and promptly shut off my light and went to sleep. Do I think I'll be chosen this year?... I mean, never say never, right? This is my fourth year entering… Continue reading the moment has come!


#PitchWars 2018: #BoostMyBio

I've gone back and forth on it over the past few weeks, but I think I've finally decided to participate in PitchWars again this year! If nothing else, I love the feeling of community pitching writers create as we wait for picks to be announced 🙂 About My WIP: Shadow of the Necropolis has gone… Continue reading #PitchWars 2018: #BoostMyBio

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#PitchWars 2017: #PimpMyBio!

Hello, hello! Welcome writing friends, whether you're a fellow hopeful or a potential mentor. I'm so excited about this year's contest! About Me: My name is Jenna DeVillier I live in the woods in south Louisiana I have a degree in English, and I'm going back to school this fall for my paralegal certification I… Continue reading #PitchWars 2017: #PimpMyBio!


Let The Madness Begin… PitchWars 2014!

Hi guys! I promised another blog post, so this is me, being good about keeping up the old blog :)I posted my mentee bio last week, so I won't bore you by going through all that again! But PitchWars is the most fun, most nervewracking, most enlightening experience I've been through yet as a writer,… Continue reading Let The Madness Begin… PitchWars 2014!


Pitch Wars Mentee Bio!

Wow, so I guess I really am doing this! Consider this blog post my statement of intent: I, Jenna DeVillier, promise to have my latest round of revision finished by 17 August, and will be entering it into Pitch Wars the following day. [Edit: I actually submitted on Friday, 15 August! Because I'm a rebel,… Continue reading Pitch Wars Mentee Bio!