A Tale of Two Manuscripts: Some Statistics

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since I first started querying SHADOW OF THE NECROPOLIS! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but it does at the same time. I’m a somewhat sporadic querier, so I probably would have exhausted my list of agents long before now if I had gone through and done more methodical batches of queries.

I thought, for my blog post today, that I would share some statistics with you all from the two manuscripts I’ve queried so far: SOULREADER and SHADOW OF THE NECROPOLIS. QueryTracker is a great tool, and I love my premium subscription, but I was looking for a more in-depth window into my querying journey for both books, so I decided to sit down and make a detailed spreadsheet. Not to mention, I didn’t purchase my subscription to QT until after I started querying SHADOW, so I didn’t have access to my first manuscript’s statistics anymore.

So I sat down over two days and went back through all my email queries for SOULREADER and SHADOW (yes, I keep all my responses in a specially-designated “Queries” folder in Gmail!) to format a spreadsheet. I was curious to see if my second book was getting more positive responses, even from initial query rejections, and whether I was making any progress, since some days it doesn’t feel like I am (especially since I’m still drafting my third manuscript after 14 months!).

The results were very encouraging, and I hope if you’re struggling to find positivity in the query trenches like I am, you’ll be inspired to make a spreadsheet of your own, or go back and look at it if you already have one. Odds are good you’re improving, even if you don’t feel like you are!


  • 62 total queries sent
  • 3 partial requests (4%)
  • 5 helpful/personal rejections (8%)
  • 2 invitations to query with another project
  • 49 form rejections (79%)
  • 6 CNRs (closed, no response) (9%)

Shadow of the Necropolis

  • 78 total queries sent
  • 2 partial requests (3%)
  • 2 full requests (3%)
  • 12 helpful/personal rejections (18%)
  • 6 invitations to query with another project
  • 33 form rejections (48%)
  • 19 CNRs (28%)
  • 10 queries still out

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