the moment has come!

It’s Monday, August 27, which can only mean one thing in writer-land…


salt and pepper miniature schnauzer running on wet sand
(this may or may not have actually been me last night when I checked Twitter and realized the window was open early)

I submitted my materials last night and promptly shut off my light and went to sleep.

Do I think I’ll be chosen this year?… I mean, never say never, right? This is my fourth year entering PitchWars. My first year I didn’t get any interest whatsoever (this was with my first novel, SOULREADER). The second year, I felt I had significantly revised my query and manuscript for SOULREADER, so I submitted it again. I got bites from two mentors, but wasn’t chosen.

Last year, I submitted (a much earlier draft of) SHADOW OF THE NECROPOLIS, and got a bit of mentor interest again. This year? Who knows? I feel pretty good about this current draft, though, so it’s possible!

In the meantime, while we all wait until the picks are announced on October 12, I have a handful of queries out, so maybe those will get some interest! I’m also planning on starting an outline for a new writing project this week. I’m not sure which of two stories I want to work on yet, but I’m excited!

To my fellow PitchWars hopefuls (especially all you wonderful people writing YA fantasy!), good luck! You’re all doing amazing work, and I wish we could all get chosen 😉

close up of hand over white background
Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com



(I’m still reading the two books I mentioned last time. Grad school has Begun. Whoops.)

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