#PitchWars 2018: #BoostMyBio

I’ve gone back and forth on it over the past few weeks, but I think I’ve finally decided to participate in PitchWars again this year! If nothing else, I love the feeling of community pitching writers create as we wait for picks to be announced 🙂

About My WIP:

Shadow of the Necropolis has gone through several rounds of edits already, and I feel like this latest draft is pretty close to the original vision I had for the book, which is exciting! It definitely still needs a bit of work though, which is where (hopefully) a mentor comes in 🙂

  • Genre: YA dark fantasy
  • Word Count: 80,000
  • Pitch: When a mystical Darkness covers her island home, driving her brother mad, 17 year old Eleuia must find a way to save him and restore him to the throne before the madness claims her, too.
  • It’s about magic, madness, how far you’re willing to go for the ones you love, with a healthy dose of fear. Being afraid and choosing courage anyway

The pitch still needs a little work, but that’s the gist of it 😉

Shadow is a Mayan/Aztec inspired fantasy and, even though I’ve been working on it intermittently for 3 years, I still love it so much ❤

Have a few aesthetics! The first one is (generally) an aesthetic for my MC, Eleuia Kantun. The second is a setting aesthetic, and the third is an aesthetic for my antagonist!




About Me:

  • My name is Jenna DeVillier
  • I live in the woods in south Louisiana
  • I have a degree in English, and I’m currently working towards my MA!
  • I write YA dark fantasy, full of complicated relationships, blood, betrayal, and magic!
  • I’ve entered PitchWars 4 times, but never gotten chosen as a mentee (I came pretty close a couple of times, though)


And that’s about it! On my bio last year, I had a lot about my fandoms and what I was looking for in a mentor, but I’m going to keep it shorter this time around. If I submitted to you, and you’re reading this post for whatever reason, I hope you love my story as much as I do, and see the potential in it!

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