Hello! Long time, no post 🙂 Well, in personal updates, anyway. I’m trying to be better about keeping up this blog. Maybe, if I post once a week, it’ll keep me motivated to actually get things done!

The last you heard from me, I was entering PitchWars. I wasn’t chosen as a mentor, but I did get interest from a couple of mentors, which was exciting! I’ve felt this for a couple of years now, but I feel like I’m RIGHT on the edge of breaking out now. Then, I WAS chosen as a mentee for Nightmare on Query Street in October, which was amazing. My story didn’t get any interest in the agent round, but that’s okay. Just getting to that point has taken 6 1/2 years, so I’m happy!

Speaking of things taking a long time, I realized last week that I first started plotting IN THE SHADOW OF THE NECROPOLIS in spring 2015. It’s been three years, and I’m still working on it! I still believe in it and love it, though, so I’m trying to focus on that and not get caught up in worrying about “how long it’s taking me.” That’s a thing with me for some reason: worrying about how long things take, whether I’m “behind” anyone else, worrying about aging. It’s maudlin, and I want it to stop 😂

So: update. In my last update, last summer, I was working on my first revision, and I was about halfway through. Now I’m on my . . . second? Third? I honestly can’t remember. Last year was awful for my mental health and most of it is a blur.

But, as of right now, I have finished revising nine of ITSOTN’s thirty chapters. I started grad school last month, so between that and working full-time, it’s been a challenge to find the time to work on it. But my goal is to finish with this revision by the end of the month! After that, I think all it really needs is a polish to clear up any remaining misspellings and overused words, and it’ll be ready for querying. I’m hoping to start querying by summer.

My one hang-up is I haven’t actually gotten any feedback from beta readers on the full manuscript. I’ve had several people read my first chapter (and it’s much stronger for it), but not the entire book. Hopefully I can get a few of my beta readers to finish before I start querying, but I know life is so busy right now for everyone!

I’m not sure yet how the format of these entries are going to be. As you can see, I prefer to be kind of conversational, informal in my blogging. I might do a little research and see how I can spice things up, but for now, this is the way it’s going to be 😀 My general plan is to trade off every week: a blog post/writing update one week, a book review the next. That might change or get mixed up as time goes on, but I like the idea of it.


Goals for the next 2 weeks of writing:

  • finish revising ITSOTN
  • get in touch with beta readers/send them revised manuscript
  • start plotting a new book (FAIR PHANTOM?)
  • look into writing contests/open submissions/grad scholarships
  • make writing schedule through the end of 2018


Next Week’s Post (2/18)

Book review: ACE OF SHADES by Amanda Foody (release date: April 10)

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