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#PitchWars 2017: #PimpMyBio!

Hello, hello! Welcome writing friends, whether you’re a fellow hopeful or a potential mentor. I’m so excited about this year’s contest!

About Me:

  • My name is Jenna DeVillier
  • I live in the woods in south Louisiana
  • I have a degree in English, and I’m going back to school this fall for my paralegal certification
  • I write YA dark fantasy, full of complicated relationships, blood, betrayal, and magic!
  • I’ve entered PitchWars 3 times already, with the same manuscript every time, but never gotten chosen as a mentee


About My WIP:

  • Title: In the Shadow of the Necropolis,
  • Genre: YA dark fantasy
  • Word count: 84k
  • Set in a Mayan/Aztec-inspired world. I’ve always been fascinated with those civilizations, and I wanted a different kind of setting for my fantasy
  • It’s about magic, madness, how far you’re willing to go for the ones you love, with a healthy dose of fear. Being afraid and choosing courage anyway
  • F/F relationship
  • Pitch:

Eleuia was born for staying in the shadows. After her father’s death, her brother is crowned king, and everything is as planned. But when the land is plunged into total darkness, something many thought was only a legend, Eleuia is forced to step into the light. With her brother taken by the dreaded madness, and herself hastily crowned queen regent, she must find a way to save her brother and her country, before the madness takes her, too.


Why yes, of course I have a Pinterest board for it 😀

In the Shadow of the Necropolis – Aesthetic Board


About My Fandoms:

It’s not absolutely necessary for my potential mentor to share the same geeky loves I do, but just in case . . . I love:

  • Star Wars
  • Firefly
  • Doctor Who
  • Supernatural (met most of the cast; I’ve been to 3 conventions)
  • Harry Potter
  • Marvel
  • Lost
  • Downton Abbey (it totally counts)
  • Game of Thrones
  • Sherlock
  • The Walking Dead

I feel like I’m missing tons more, but these are definitely the main ones 😉



Bonus: this guy. I love Chuck, and I’m happy to report the actor who plays him, Rob Benedict, is one of the best humans walking this planet. For real (met him 5 times now).


What I’m Looking for:

All I want is a mentor who gets me and gets my story. I’m willing to work hard to make this story as polished and pretty as it can be! I tend to have a thin skin, so tell me what needs fixing and give suggestions, please! I need that. Just.. be gentle with me?

Line edit suggestions are fine, but I’m looking for big picture help. Does the main plotline flow well? Do any subplots clog up the story and need to be cut? That sort of thing is something I tend to struggle with sometimes, since I’m too close to the story by that point.


Well, I think that’s all about me! I’m looking forward to meeting new writing friends in this contest, if nothing else. If you’re interested in following my writing adventures, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Best of luck to everyone!

You can check out the other hopefuls’ bios here!



4 thoughts on “#PitchWars 2017: #PimpMyBio!”

  1. This sounds so good! I love that the setting is inspired by the Mayan world. Good luck with PW! =)

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