Writing Update, Life Update

I’m afraid I let this blog slide again. I started thinking about it the other day, so I decided to take some time out and update it. It needed it, badly. Some of my pages were bloated with projects I’m just never going to work on, so they’re not important anymore.

So, bit of a life update. It’s been . . . interesting since I last wrote. To make a long story short, I had surgery in December, which had complications. I didn’t fully heal until mid-March, which was incredibly annoying but typical for me. January was a fun month, despite the healing issues. I got to travel and have fun with friends twice.

Then February happened. I lost my job which had given me so much freedom, to be able to work from home, essentially choose my own hours, travel almost at will, and gave me time for my writing while paying me enough to be able to live on my own. To top it off, my depression/anxiety medication just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I nearly had a nervous breakdown. Maybe I did. Nothing requiring hospitalization, but I was probably lower than I’ve ever been for at least a month.

Thankfully, I found a new job quickly and got on a different medication that’s been a world of difference. The job wasn’t the greatest, but I enjoyed it and it was enabling me to pay my bills and start to think about a trip in October or November. Then, in mid-May, I found out I was going to be losing my job. For the second time in six months, I was going to be unemployed (through no fault of my own, either).

So here I am, still unemployed, but with unlimited time on my hands to work on revising IN THE SHADOW OF THE NECROPOLIS. I’m taking it a lot better than last time, but it’s still stressful, trying to figure out what to do. Especially when I’ve sent out over 20 applications and not heard back from a single person. But hopefully, things will work themselves out soon.

In better news, revision 1 for ITSOTN is going well! It will still need work after this draft, but I’m feeling very optimistic about it. I really think this book is The One. It might not be, but it feels that way. If it isn’t, then at least I know I’m getting closer. I’m currently on chapter 13 of 32. It’s been slow going, since this round of edits is essentially me going in and adding words to every scene, writing entirely new scenes, and shuffling things around, but it’s been fun. The last 10 chapters will have to be entirely rewritten, but I’m excited for the adventure!

After I finish this round of revision (I was hoping by the end of the month, but that might be pushing it now), it’s off to my critique partners/beta readers! Once I get their feedback (terrifying), I’ll put it through another round of edits, then line edits/spelling check. I’m hoping to have it ready for querying by the end of summer! August, September at the latest.

In the meantime, while ITSOTN is with my CPs, I’ll probably start working on my spec scripts for the Warner Bros. contest they hold every year. They’re looking to hire new writers, so every May they have a contest. You have to submit one spec script for an existing show, and one original pilot. I’m really excited to try it, especially now that the backdoor pilot for Wayward Sisters has been announced! If I ended up writing for that show . . . it would be a dream. No question. But I don’t want to look TOO far ahead 😉 Things are complicated enough as they are now.

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