Progress? Or the Snail’s Pace That Is My Style Lately

I haven’t written up an update in a while, so I thought I would. I haven’t made much progress since my last one, unfortunately. I finished up my scene synopses for Scrivener (forgot to write the full synopsis though!) and read through the first chapter, taking notes for revision, but I haven’t read any more since. I really need to focus and make myself get into the habit. I’m hoping to read through a few chapters tonight, either before or after American Horror Story.

Also, NaNoWriMo is coming up! I had to drop out fairly quickly last year, but I really want to win this year. Of course, it’s less than a week away now and I have absolutely no idea what my story is about. . . I’m pretty sure I want to try my hand at a YA (or even Adult) Horror! So over the next few days, I’m planning on researching some scary prompts and sketching out a rough outline for a story. I think Horror as a genre works better when you don’t plan it out much, anyway. But I always work better with an outline, so I don’t know! I guess we’ll see . . .

My personal life is going . . .okay, I guess? I’m back on my medication, so that’s helped. I’m also going in for surgery in the next 2 months sometime for something that probably should have been taken care of years ago. It’s okay. It’s getting done now! And the recovery is really easy, from what I’ve been hearing, which is a relief. As someone who had 6 surgeries in high school/college, with complicated and painful recovery periods, a relatively simple surgery sounds amazing. And it’s going to change SO MUCH.

I’m pretty optimistic about the near future. I hope everything I’m wishing for and planning works out in one way or another. ❤

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