So I’m Doing This PitchWars Thingie Again…

Hi guys! That’s right, I didn’t learn my lesson last year, so I’m back for round 2 of PitchWars.

But seriously, I had a great time last year and got feedback from some incredible mentors so, although I didn’t make it in, I decided to go for it again!

Now onto me (I really need one of these “official bio” things, don’t I?). I’m south Louisiana born and raised. I love football, food, and all things geeky! I’m currently into Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Marvel movies . . . you name it, I’m probably into it and have forgotten!

Also, Chuck Shurley is my spirit animal, and a precious snowflake who must be defended! (Also I love his actor Rob Benedict *heart eyes* I’m meeting him in Houston in February!)

Now that THAT’s out of the way… About my book! It’s called Soulreader, and I’ve been working on it almost 2 years now. It’s about assassins, and revenge, and magical mutant-like powers! I started querying in January of this year, but haven’t had much luck yet. One partial request (later rejected), but I’m hoping to whip it into even better shape over the course of PitchWars. I love this book, and I would hate to sideline it (even more than I already have).

I’m also working on drafting a new YA fantasy, In the Shadow of the Necropolis, about a princess who is forced to take over for her brother, the king, when darkness engulfs their land and drives him mad. More magic, more revenge, and a dangerous, jungle kingdom roughly based on Mayan society. Just typing this makes me excited all over again! And gives me extra plot bunnies about the setting as another character . . . this first draft isn’t going extremely smoothly so far, but what first draft does? It’s going to be great . . . someday!

Well, that’s about all for me! If you’re a potential mentor stalking me, hi there! If you’re as big a geek as me, and you like the words I have put forth into the world, I think we would work great together. I am very thin-skinned, but the great thing about PitchWars is I can cry in the safety of my own home and no one will ever know! I kid (sort of). But seriously, I am willing to work hard to make Soulreader the best it can be, and if we have fun and laughs along the way, even better! And thanks for all your hard work, even if you don’t end up choosing me.

Also! Be sure to check out the Contestant Blog Hop over at Christopher Keelty’s blog, if you want to get to know the other writers 🙂

2 thoughts on “So I’m Doing This PitchWars Thingie Again…”

  1. Good luck, Jenna! I also have a story I’m concocting taking place in… well, actually, the Honduran jungle. It’s actually inspired by the ruins they found there that aren’t from any previously known culture. Anyway, I was excited to see that you have a story with a somewhat related starting point. 🙂

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