Happy Monday, everyone! I am so excited for the upcoming Easter holiday, and the (tiny) break I get from school. I can’t believe I’m taking my last undergraduate finals in a month, and graduating two weeks after that!

I’m keeping busy with my classes, editing my school’s literary magazine, writing my senior thesis (a short story/possible novella, yay!) and reading for The Booker Albert Literary Agency, but I’m still trying to plot out my new fantasy, IN THE SHADOW OF THE NECROPOLIS. And now that I’ve written the synopsis, I thought I might share a teaser with you!

One sentence summary: 

A girl must brave a necropolis to save her brother from madness and her kingdom from invasion.

Paragraph synopsis:

The Shadow is falling over Ixtan. As its dark rays lengthen over the royal sector, Eleuia is helpless to stop her brother, the king, from delivering a speech to the people of Ixtan, daring the other city-states to invade them in his half-madness. As his madness grows worse, Eleuia delves into the depths of the Necropolis, where even the priests fear to go, in the hopes of finding a cure, a supernatural intervention—anything from the vague ancient texts that can help her brother. When she comes up empty, Eleuia emerges back into the half-light of Ixtan to a plot—the priests and many of the nobles are no longer satisfied with her brother’s rule, and they plan to allow the other city-states to invade Ixtan while the Shadow lays across it. Eleuia must pretend to support their plan (or risk ritual sacrifice) while racing against time to find a way to destroy the necropolis.


So, there it is! Some parts may change before I start writing, and even as I write, but that’s the basic plot I have laid out! I have a one-page (and four-page!) synopsis, but I didn’t want to paste it here, as it’s riddled with spoilers 😉 I’m excited about working on this new book, and I hope it’s something that sounds interesting to readers! The plan is to start writing sometime in April, probably towards the end. I’m not sure if that will actually happen, since the madness of graduation is going to start then (really, it already has), but we’ll see! I’ve been sending my critique partners my synopsis and other things as I write them; that’s how excited I am to share this story with them and see what they think. All good things, so far!

So tell me, what are you working on? I want to hear all about your novels, your short stories, your grocery lists (okay, maybe not that last one)… Leave me a comment!


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