Querying: Week 6

Today marks 6 weeks since I started querying! In some ways it doesn’t feel that long; in others, it feels longer. So far, I’ve still only gotten the one request for pages, but hopefully that will change soon! No word from my one request yet… (Thursday will be a month)

I sent out two more queries on Feb 24. I got a rejection on one of them on Feb 27! Sad, but at least it was quick. I also got 2 more rejections from my Feb 5 queries, and I had to close out one from the original Jan 19 batch because I hadn’t gotten a response. No reply from this agent meant she wasn’t interested.

So the waiting game continues! Meanwhile, I entered PitchMadness (first-timer, yay!) the end of last month and had fun posting in the tag and meeting other writers. I didn’t get in, but that’s okay. There’s always next time. There’s always next manuscript, too!

I’m keeping extremely busy with school (last semester of college…yikes!) and things, but I’m still trying to plan and write IN THE SHADOW OF THE NECROPOLIS (notice the name change because, duh, it should have been necropolis–not acropolis–all along), but it’s getting harder and harder lately. I’ve been neglecting my thesis project, which is not good at all. Maybe I’ll put writing plans on hold until the end of the semester, or at least until I have another minute to breathe! Otherwise I end up working on things I shouldn’t be, and neglecting things that shouldn’t be neglected, and my priorities end up way out of whack.

Or maybe I’ll (SOMEHOW) find a way to balance everything. Maybe.


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