The Last Twelve Chapters

As I write this blog post, I have (yes, that’s right) 12 chapters left until draft 6 is complete.

*cue the freakout*

I’m still aiming to finish revising by Thursday or Friday but, at this point, I may just take the weekend and polish some things (especially my query letter) and send out my first batch of emails on Monday. Clean slate, new week, all of that.

God, I am nervous as hell.

The main thing I need to focus on is my query letter. I got some great revision notes on it last week from an editor friend of mine, but I’m not sure it’s perfect yet. I may have a few more eyes on it. Also, my opening pages are much stronger than the backstory slog I had last draft, but I’m still not sure they’re where I want them to be. The only problem is, I don’t know how to fix that. At this point I’m tempted to say they’re the best I can do. And maybe that’s okay.

All I know is, the moment I click SEND on those first queries, I’m going to need a drink, and I’m going to need to start working on a new book, put this one out of my mind. Otherwise I’ll go crazy! (Which reminds me: I need to shine up my querying spreadsheet, too!)

I think it will be okay. It’s just the next step in this crazy process, right? I knew it was coming eventually, and I’m glad I put it off until I did a couple more revisions, but man it’s hard to let it go, to give it over to agents. Especially when there are a couple I really, really want to work with and I know the probability of actually signing with one of them. It’s low. Insanely low.

But I think I’m ready. Ready as I’ll ever be. Anyone got that drink?

2 thoughts on “The Last Twelve Chapters”

  1. I hear you! Hitting send is the hardest thing EVER! And getting a query to perfect? Not possible. Getting those first chapters perfect? Blah. Do your best. That’s all you can do. And bravo for getting it to the best place you can and sending. You ROCK! Good luck!

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