All I Want For Christmas

I didn’t get around to writing my Monday blog post yesterday. There’s too much going on around here, with Christmas two days away!! Still, on the writing front, things have been coming along, slowly but surely.

Last Wednesday, I started my read-through of Soulreader, to prepare for the next round of edits. As I go, I’ve been making scene cards, taking editing notes, and highlighting passages in the manuscript document that I either don’t like or are too “telling” rather than “showing,” which is actually quite a lot. Much more than I would like, definitely. I might be going too hardcore into this revision, but I’d rather be over-prepared and fix everything than too lazy and have to go into draft 7.

Honestly, I think the book is almost done! All I have to do is clean up a few things and describe more instead of tell. I have a bad habit of summarizing when I should be helping the reader to experience. I think I subconsciously feel that, if I do that, they won’t “get” it. Of course, the ironic truth is that they will probably get what I’m envisioning quicker if I describe it!

I’m more than halfway through the manuscript now; I’m hoping to be finished reading it by this weekend (even taking Christmas off). After that, it’s Revision Central from Dec 27-Jan 10. Yes, I’m giving myself a 2-week deadline to finish draft 6. After 2 weeks of reading, that will be a full month of revision, which I think should be more than enough. After that, it’s off to the R&R requesting agent, and I will be querying about 10 more! I’m so nervous, but it has to be done. If the book isn’t ready now, it never will be. And it’s changed so much since draft 1, it’s unbelievable! I’ve learned so much.

I’m also tentatively beginning to outline book 2 (working title: Spellweaver). I should have been doing that from the beginning, but I did write the last couple of drafts with a sequel in mind, and a few beginning ideas, so I think it will be okay. At first, I thought it might only be a duology, but I think I could expand it into a trilogy. I won’t force it into any categories it doesn’t fit into, but I’m excited about continuing Petra and Xavier’s adventures!

Now, all  I want for Christmas is to FINISH READING THROUGH THIS DRAFT! I know reading, re-reading, and re-re-reading until my eyes bleed is just a part of being a writer, but it’s exhausting! If there was a way I could retain everything about the book in my brain without having to read it, I would do it and launch straight into edits. Unfortunately, there isn’t, so here I am. Thankfully, I’m not sick of the book yet; I still like it! I’m not questioning my entire existence as I read, and I even find myself laughing at some parts and thinking “this is pretty good” at others.

I’ve heard that’s a good sign. I hope an agent out there thinks so, too!

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