I Am Alive! Post-Semester Update

Finally, I have the time to post an update! This semester was much busier than I expected it would be, but it was a good one. I learned a lot, and I am one step closer to graduation in May.

Which is actually a very scary thought.

Just as I suspected, I had absolutely no time to work at all on Soulreader, which didn’t make me happy. Every week I spent away from writing and editing I kicked myself for. But it couldn’t be helped. Now, with the semester (and three days of unwinding) behind me, I can’t wait to get started on revising and more writing projects tomorrow! Here’s what’s going on in my writing life right now:

  • I did not get picked during PitchWars, but I did get 2 requests during PitMad. I queried both agents and crossed my fingers. I got a rejection from the first agent within 24 hours, which stung a little but I tried to turn it into a celebration: I got my first rejection from an agent! That means I’m querying, which means I’m on my way 🙂
  • The second agent took a bit longer to respond but, about a month later, she sent me a wonderful email back requesting a revise and resubmit! *cue happy dancing* While I didn’t have the time to start working on another revision right away, I emailed her back, thanking her for her input and assuring her that I would get started on the revision as soon as finals were over (which, you know, I’d better actually DO!).
  • I also had the opportunity to take the creative writing course at my college, which was a great experience. I was already used to the workshopping environment, after Berkeley, but every new group of people teaches me something new about writing and how to put something across to an audience. I still get nervous about sharing my writing but I came out of that class with several new pieces (CNF, poetry, AND fiction) which I might try to spruce up for publication in the spring.
  • Because of my experience with the creative writing class, and my interest in pursuing writing as a career, I chose the creative thesis for my senior thesis I will be writing next semester! Being such a huge writing AND researching nerd, I couldn’t choose between creative and critical (research) for the longest time, and I had actually committed to the critical thesis initially. If only I could do both! I would do it, and happily at that. But I’m pleased with my plans as they stand now. I love my thesis director (well, I love BOTH the instructors who direct theses), and I know we’re going to have a wonderful time as I craft this story.
  • And now, the big one… I am currently gearing up to apply to several creative writing MFA programs!! I took the GRE at the end of November and made good scores (from everything I’ve researched, anyway), and I will be applying to four schools at the end of this month. I’m excited about this new chapter in my life, but I’m also very anxious. These schools are competitive, due to the nature of the program, and I sometimes worry I won’t get in to any of them. I had to convince myself today that I CAN do it! I have the GRE scores, I know I have the support from my teachers vis-a-vis my letters of recommendation, and I know I have the writing skill. The writing sample is what makes me the most nervous, though. I’ve been told I can write well, but what if it’s not good enough? What if the schools are only looking for “real” (read: literary) writing, and not my fantasy work? And so on.

I really just need to stop thinking about it, put together my best application, and apply. Whatever happens will happen anyway. If I get in, that’s great. If I don’t, I’ll get a job. One way or another, I will need a job eventually, and I need to move out. Nothing changes on that front. One thing is for sure: the next five months are going to shape my entire future.

No pressure.

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