The Final Countdown: PitchWars Edition

Afternoon, everyone! I knew I wanted to write a Monday blog post today, Labor Day or no Labor Day, but until just now I didn’t know WHAT I wanted to write about.

But of course, it’s PitchWars. Always PitchWars 😉

I can’t believe it will all be over in two days! We’ll know who the lucky ones are who got mentors, and the alternates, and who didn’t make the cut but still (I’m sure) have amazing books that will be on shelves someday.

I’m going to be honest with you right now: I don’t think I made the cut. I don’t even think I made alternate. But that’s okay! I had a wonderful time, and I got to meet some great authors and received some feedback on my work that has definitely made it better. I’m just not sure my first chapter was quite what they were looking for. I think I did an okay job on it, but it’s hard when your first chapter is technically a prologue (but my MC is the MC of that chapter, so I got a bit confused on the technicalities). But honestly, there has been so much amazing writing in the contest this year, that I’m happy for whoever gets picked! They certainly deserve it.

After PitchWars, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing with Soulreader. It probably needs another round of edits, but I’m so tired of working on it, to be honest. I’m trying to fit in planning a new novel, Bring Me to Life (working title only), but it’s hard when I’m attending classes, too. I’ll probably try to write that sometimes this fall, though, and maybe enter Soulreader in to PitMad, and see what happens. If I get bites, I’ll send it out to those agents, of course. If not… I’m still considering traditional querying, but it’s a question of should I do it now, or wait until I get another revision of it done? I’m not sure.

So, that’s my old boring story about revising and drafting and PitchWars 😉 What I really need to do is make a writing schedule for myself and stick to it no matter what! I’m taking a creative writing class this semester, so I’m really looking forward to getting some work done in that, too. Every little bit!

And I want to thank a few people, as PitchWars draws to a close: my awesome critique partners Eve Jacob, Ashley Morrison, Jen Fulmer, and Joanna Meyer, firstly. They helped me so much with this manuscript, and 3 of them entered their work in PitchWars, too! (good luck guys :D)

I also want to thank Emmy Neal for her EPIC query and first chapter help. And the people on the forum for WriteOnCon as well!!

And finally, I want to thank the PitchWars Team of Awesome: Brenda Drake for coming up with the event to begin with, and for being so awesome at organizing and answering any questions we had! Also the team of mentors I sent Soulreader to: Rae Chang, Stephanie Garber/Stacey Lee, NK Traver, and Lauren Spieller. I’ve enjoyed talking with you ladies, reading your tweets about the event, especially your fangirly ones, and for volunteering your time to mentor new writers and try to get them agents! You are all rock stars, and I know your mentee picks will be in safe hands 🙂



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