PitchWars, Told Through Aladdin GIFs

Good morning, PitchWars friends! Welcome to the beginning of Week 2 waiting for PitchWars to end. We only have 9 more days to bite our nails and doubt our entire lives, so I thought I’d lighten the mood a little by explaining the PitchWars experience entirely in Aladdin gifs. Aladdin is one of my favorite movies of all time (it came out the year I was born!), and I hope you get a laugh or two out of this 😉



  • Before PitchWars begins, you casually research exactly what the contest is, and what it entails. As a writer with a manuscript JUST ABOUT ready for querying, you think: this would be a great opportunity!

  • But as PitchWars approaches, you realize: you actually have to fix up your query, polish your first chapter, AND completely finish this revision you’ve been working so hard on. IN A WEEK!!

  • But you manage to do it! Now you just have to narrow down your long list of potential mentors to 4… Everyone seems amazing, and you actually have to hold your breath as you delete names from your Excel doc.

  • Then you finally submit your work, because you’ve done all you can do for it, and it feels as ready as you can make it. You don’t want to stress anymore!

  • And of course, the inevitable self doubt sets in! And you start talking to your evil subconscious…

  • And maybe discover a mistake or two along the way that you missed before submitting…

  • Then the stalking begins! You look through the #PitchWars tag on Twitter at least once a day, and interact with some amazing people, both mentors and mentee hopefuls! There are a lot of wonderful people in this contest and, no matter what, you get to build up your writing community, and get some great feedback on your work, even if it means a hit to your delicate ego 😉

  • And then sometimes the mentors follow you on Twitter and you think WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

  • So you try to SUBTLY talk up your book on the #PitchWars tag, without mentioning your mentors specifically…

  • Everyone around you who knows nothing of the stress and madness of PitchWars is like…

  • But it’s the best thing ever, even if you’re not picked! Great insight, great people, and most of all, you learn about ALL THE AWESOME BOOKS long before they’re ever published. So many people’s books sound fabulous, and you have no doubt they will be agented and have book deals before long.

So best of luck to you in PitchWars, and never lose hope!!


4 thoughts on “PitchWars, Told Through Aladdin GIFs”

  1. That was lovely and scary accurate. I’m trying so hard to keep my chin up, but it just feels like so much energy for nothing. I know my book is good. I just don’t know that anyone wants it. 🙂 Thanks for the smile and knowing someone else feels the same way.

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