It’s Doctor Who Day!!

Hello there! Since the new season of Doctor Who airs in the UK in about an hour, I thought I’d better take this time now to write a blog post about… what else? Doctor Who! (and then I really must be off the internet. Spoilers abound!)

If you haven’t seen Doctor Who, there are a few things you should know about it:

1) It may seem a little weird at times, but you should stick with it anyway! 

2) His name is NOT “Doctor Who”, just “The Doctor” or “Doctor.” The title of the show is a question! (and really should have a question mark after it, come to think of it…)

3) There is 50 years of history and mythology to the show, but you don’t have to go back and watch the original 26 seasons (1963-1989) for it to make sense! That’s the beauty and genius of Russell T Davies, who brought the show back in 2005. (But I do highly recommend you watch the Classic years, even if it DOES suck up your whole life. Yes, I speak from experience. The Classic era may seem silly, with cardboard sets and rubber monsters, but…)

4) It’s about a man called the Doctor (as I said), an ancient alien from a distant planet, who is basically the biggest rebel in the galaxy. He stole a time machine and ran away from his people because they were super boring and he’s a giant loner. The loneliest man with friends you will ever, ever meet. And now his planet is gone, so he really is alone!

5) It’s completely and utterly MAGICAL


I’m fairly new to Doctor Who: I watched “Rose” and “The End of the World” on Halloween night, 2012! I had heard about it a few times before that, mostly from Tumblr, and always thought it looked interesting, but the gifs that came out of “The Angels Take Manhattan” in September of that year did it. I had to see it! So I started from 2005 (as I recommend you do! The Ninth Doctor is wonderful :D) and haven’t stopped since! Tonight will be the first time I’ve had to get used to a new Doctor as he arrives, which is going to be so strange, but I’m excited! I will miss Matt Smith, though. He was so good in the role and is, to date, the only Doctor I’ve personally met 🙂 (for 10 seconds…)

I also watch the Classic adventures, and, being such a perfectionist, I HAD to start from the beginning and work through all of those! Many of the earliest ones are missing, but I watched the reconstructions. I started that in January, after the Christmas special was over and the wait was on for season 8. I was hoping to be finished by the end of this year, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen now! I’m only on season 15 out of 26. The Fourth Doctor! The Third is my favorite so far.

So, that’s all from me! What’s your Doctor Who story? Leave me a comment! And I hope you tune in tonight to BBC America to watch “Deep Breath” at 7:15PM! Even if you haven’t watched Doctor Who before, it’s never too late.

And I have a feeling this Doctor will be an excellent place to start…


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