Let The Madness Begin… PitchWars 2014!

Hi guys! I promised another blog post, so this is me, being good about keeping up the old blog 🙂

I posted my mentee bio last week, so I won’t bore you by going through all that again! But PitchWars is the most fun, most nervewracking, most enlightening experience I’ve been through yet as a writer, definitely. No matter what, whether I’m picked or not, or even have any pages requested, it’s been good fun! Unfortunately, I think I’m forgetting what real life is like. The last 2 weeks have been solid revising, reading CP notes, query and synopsis writing, and finally submitting to the mentors on Friday!

My down time thus far has mainly consisted of refreshing my email inbox eleventy billion times a day…

So, what else has been going on through my head, besides mentor stalking? Well, I have a few plot bunnies bouncing around up there… some have been there for quite a while (even longer than Soulreader. I kind of feel bad I didn’t go for them first!), others are quite new. Just today I started brainstorming a Shiny New Idea that I like to call Snow White meets Star Trek Into Darkness. I haven’t fleshed out any details, or even written anything at all down for it, but I’m getting more excited by the minute! I love writing badass girls, and I love fairy tales and their retellings 😉

I’ve also been thinking lots about my Adult Space Fantasy and my YA Time Travel stories I haven’t done a thing with yet. I just want to write ALL THE STORIES. Now. And become super rich!

Kidding! But hey…



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