Update: The End is Near!

Hello, friends! I’ve been wanting to write this update all day long but couldn’t seem to find the time to get around to it.

Draft 4 has been difficult, but much smoother than I expected. As I said last week, I had to rewrite the last 10 chapters completely. Right now, I only have 3 more to go, which I couldn’t be more excited about! If I manage to write Chapter 32 tonight (which I may or may not…), I am on pace to finish by Wednesday! Then I can send it off to my lovely beta readers. It will be out of my hands and I can breathe for a little while longer.

I really think I’m getting close. It’s close to being completely finished. I may need one more polishing draft, but that could be it! I’m still hoping to query by the end of August.

This month, after I email Blood on My Hands to my readers, I’m going to relax a little bit. And by “relax” I mean planning out a new novel and maybe writing some short stories!

At least I know it will be less work than this book.


2 thoughts on “Update: The End is Near!”

  1. Jenna, I am always proud of everything you do. You really amaze me with this great gift you have for writing. Your dedication and talent will take you to great places! Keep at it! Love you, my friend!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH!! :’) I couldn’t continue without all this support I get all the time. One of my Twitter friends just signed with an agent the other day so I’m feeling hopeful 🙂

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