Draft 4 Starting in 3, 2, 1…

Afternoon everyone! As of Thursday afternoon, school is out for the summer! I think I did pretty well this semester. I hope I did, anyway.

I’ve already read two books since Thursday, and I started a third today. I read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which was good, and Every Day, which was even better! I started on The Archived today. I found it difficult to follow at first, but it’s picking up now. I need to do a YouTube video this Saturday talking about all the books I’ve been reading! I’m sure I’ll have finished two more books by then…

As for writing… it’s been on my mind ever since Thursday night. I opened up my documents on Friday morning with every intention of starting draft 4, but I couldn’t do it. I stared at it for two hours, convincing myself I was doing actual work as I typed up useless notes on Scrivener. So, I decided to give myself that first weekend off. Today, though, it’s down to business. I want to revise two chapters a day, ideally. That way I will finish this draft by June 1. That’s the deadline. Then I’ll send it out to my beta readers while I draft Shatter Through. It’s a busy schedule but at least I have goals, right? I just have to stick to them.

It’s just starting that’s difficult. When I looked at what I had to do for the first two chapters, it got a little overwhelming. I’ve always struggled with the beginning of this book. I think I know what I want to do now, but it involves combining Chapters 1 and 4 into a shiny, new Chapter 1. And when I opened a new document to paste the chapters into it, it kept crashing without saving my progress!

Yeah. That’s how my Friday went. So frustrating. But that’s okay! I just need to press on, work it out, and not worry about how “awful” I think the book is. I will work on it from now until the end of senior year if I have to. I hope that’s not the way it will go (I want to query by the end of summer!). Still, I’ll always be here updating, whether joyfully, tearfully, or somewhere in between. If you can stick with me through the neurosis (and the multiple Doctor Who gifs), I think we’ll be okay.



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