Writing? What writing? (Finals Week Blues)

Hello hello! I am in the midst of finals week, but I wanted to write an update. I finished all of my test finals, but I still have two research papers to turn in Thursday.

After that I am done! Then I can start plugging away at draft 4 of Blood on My Hands, hopefully finishing it up by the end of May. There’s so many other ideas bouncing around in my head I’d like to work on, too. Short stories, poems, things like that.

While my critique partners have draft 4, I’ll probably start doing two things: planning my next novel, Shatter Through, and working on my query letter for Blood on My Hands. I have Pinterest boards for each of my novel ideas, which has been really helpful. It gives me a visual on locations and characters, mostly.

I posted a couple of things to my Shatter Through board the other day, which really excited me. I’m getting the first threads of the plot and I think this could be a really great book (hopefully). Without giving too much away, it’s a time travel romance, but my method of time travel is much different from the traditional ideas. There is a barrier separating the two times, so the traveler can see, but not touch/interfere. Kind of like in a museum. Long story short, the MC/traveler (Haven) falls in love with a boy from the past (Kiyoshi) who is about to do something that may cost him his life…

I’ll leave you on that cliffhanger, mainly because I don’t know all the details yet! But I’m itching to get BOMH out on query so I can start!!

Hoping everyone is having a good, stress-free finals week. I think this one has been my least stressful yet, which is awesome! Please leave a comment if you want and have a great rest of the week

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