Update: Draft 4 is on the horizon!

Hello, all! I promise, I’m going to try to get around to a YouTube video this Saturday. I didn’t even notice I had missed this Saturday until it was already gone. I’m starting to feel better, thankfully.

I finally finished inputting my entire novel into Scrivener, which I am eternally grateful for. Scrivener is an amazing tool, which I’m still learning how to use, admittedly, but amazing nonetheless. I can’t wait to get started on draft 4. Unfortunately, I’m not sure when that’s going to be right now. 

This week, I’d like to focus on inputting all my CPs notes into a special folder in Scrivener so I can refer back to them and see what I need to work on. I would also like to type up my own notes for scenes/chapters I need to write, what needs to change or be removed, etc. In draft 4, I need to work on my beginning, my ending, and characterization more than I have. That’s the major goals. This week, before I begin draft 4, I would also like to think up some new titles for this WIP. I’m not sure the one I have will fit anymore.

I feel like I’ve mentioned all of this already. Oh well. I guess it’s more of a reminder for me than anything else.

It’s just that school. Always school. I only have 2 weeks left though, which is both good news for Soulreader and bad news for me. Because it’s almost crunch time. I’m only taking 4 classes but I’m still going to have to majorly focus. Here’s what I have to do:

  • Revise 8 papers and return them to my professor
  • Write 2 research papers before May 8 (one earlier than that, I believe)
  • Finish reading Night for my history class
  • 1 history test
  • 1 music test
  • 2 final exams

That may not be all. Yikes! Trying to balance this, writing, and everything else I have to do is tricky. And I don’t even have a job. I need a job for the summer. I’m not sure it’s going to happen, though, which really makes me mad. Ugh. Maybe I’ll try to get work as an extra here and there. Yeah.



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