Surprise Post!

Afternoon, everyone! 

I wasn’t much in the mood for doing a YouTube video today as I usually would be, so I decided to do an extra blog post. The 90 Day Writing Challenge is finally starting to inspire me to work! In typical Jenna fashion, it’s been slowly, piece by piece, but I’m starting to do more things. I finally got back to inputting draft 3 of my novel Soulreader into Scrivener, so hopefully I’ll be done with that by this time next week. Then I can print it out and take notes on what needs to change in draft 4.

Other than the scenes I was literally too lazy to take out in draft 3 that no longer make a modicum of sense. That goes without saying.

I’ve also been being very responsible with my critique partner duties. 10 pages a day is my pace right now, with school and other duties, but at least I’m doing it! I feel like I’ve been abandoning my poor CPs. And they are doing good work, let me tell you. That’s another kick in the butt for my writing.

Today I sat down and took fifteen minutes out to just write down all my projects on a legal pad, no matter what stage of development they are in. Turns out I have eight novels in various stages, three short stories, and two TV screenplays.


Let me just back up a little right there. It sounds like a lot but most of that hasn’t even been started yet. I just thought up one of those TV pilots today, actually. The short stories are all written, and Soulreader – as you know – is soon to be in draft 4, but the rest of it… not so much. I have rough – mainly awful – drafts of two novels, written during NaNoWriMo, partial drafts of two more, and three others still in the planning phase. The screenplays don’t have any work done on them yet, but I know a general, hazy idea of what they will be about.

  • 4 Down Territory (working title) will be about four football sportscasters and their shenanigans on – and off – camera. Comedy.
  • Revision Street (working title) will be about three writers with very different lives. A famous, published writer in America, a short-story-writer/playwright/article-writer in England, and a travel writer. Dramedy.

I’m excited about these two stories, but I can’t even think about starting them until I get Soulreader finished and out the metaphorical door. I still plan on querying by this summer, so I really need to buckle down and get these final drafts done. The semester will be over in about 3 weeks, so I’ll have more time to write in the summer. The end of June. That’s what I’m really shooting for at this point. It could be later depending on if I get feedback from my CPs and beta readers saying it needs more revisions, but that’s the goal.

But I didn’t just want to write this surprise weekend blog post to rant your faces off as per usual. I wanted to give you guys a little surprise. I’ve always secretly – or maybe not-so-secretly – dreamed of getting this story published someday, but I think I would rather start afresh with a new crop of stories and focus on my novels. This is the only short story I’ve written that hasn’t been published somewhere (see my Publications page for info on that), and I want you guys to read it.

That’s why I’m publishing my short story, Island in the Fog, right here on the old blog. That way you can be familiar with my work, if you aren’t already, and it won’t be gnawing on the back of my mind, telling me I need to get it published. I’m ready for it to be out there, even in its imperfect glory. I’m still immensely proud of this story. It is the story that got me into the SCWP last summer, and I will forever be grateful. That program changed my life, changed my writing.

I’m going to make it its own page, which you’ll find in a few minutes at the top of my blog. Thanks!



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