Weekly Update: 90 Day Writing Challenge (fails) and… An Editing Business?

Hello all! I want to try and make these weekly updates but for now I think I’m settling for semi-weekly… such is my life at the moment.

I am ashamed to admit that my progress in the 90 Day Writing Challenge is basically nil. I know what I need to do, but finding the time to do it is something else entirely. Here’s what I need to be doing:

  • Finish inputting Soulreader into Scrivener, making chapter and scene descriptions so I know what’s going on
  • Make plans for what needs to be changed in draft 4
  • Write draft 4 (my last major overhaul before the detailed edits. Yay!)
  • Drafts 5 & 6, also known as my very last edits. That will be deciding which scenes need to go, editing paragraphs and sentences
  • Sending a final (well, mostly final?) draft out to my CPs and beta readers to get feedback. Then, if necessary, a draft 7
  • BEGINNING THE QUERYING PROCESS. I am very eager to get here and I know I’m almost ready, but not quite yet. Draft 6 will be my winner 😉
  • Planning and writing a couple of short stories and trying to get them published
  • Planning out my next novel, Shatter Through


So, yeah. All those things I need to do and I haven’t tackled any of them yet. I started inputting Soulreader into Scrivener a couple of weeks ago but I’m only on Ch 5 (of 35). The Word doc and Scrivener are still open on my desktop. Waiting. I just need to find the time between social life, school (papers, tests, reading assignments… being an English major is crazy, guys. I’d say don’t do it but you really should. This is why writers have a reputation for insanity)… not to mention TV. If I cut out all my TV watching, I could probably get everything done, but I love my shows! …Yeah. I see the problem.

Also, I am notoriously procrastination-centered when it’s something I love. I have an irrational fear of screwing up before I even begin. Which really needs to end, but doesn’t seem to be anytime soon. Grr.

But enough about that! On to more exciting news. It’s taken a lot of thought but, the more I think about it, the more excited I get. I really want to start a (small) editing business this summer! Nothing fancy, just me reading over things and offering editing suggestions. Mainly proofreading and sentence structure, since that seems to be what I’m best at. I haven’t decided whether it will just be fiction pieces, or nonfiction, too (though I don’t know much about NF). I’m so afraid I won’t be very good at it or very helpful, but I think I just need to do it! Reading and editing is what I love to do most and if I can make a little money doing it, then great!

My friend Eve Jacob has already mentioned sending some of her own clients my way, for which I am immensely grateful, but if you or someone you know is interested in acquiring my editorial services, please let me know! If I get some interest, I will be sure to post more here in upcoming weeks, including rates (which will not be very expensive, since I’m just starting out). Thank you so much, in advance. This will be fun!



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