Back in the Saddle: Writing, Experiencing, and (dare I say it?) Publication!

I just read over my most recent post, from back in July.

It wasn’t exactly the best of times, was it? I was having writing issues, doubting myself more than ever before, and just generally procrastinating.

I’ve read it time and time again, until the words stopped making sense and looked like a useless adage that worked for everyone but me: Just Write. If you write every day, you will get better and the discipline is the most important thing. I always ignored that. I thought if the inspiration struck me, THEN I would write, but not before. I had better things to do than to write every day.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Just before school started at the end of August, I came up with a plan. I had an idea for a new novel, abandoning plans for a rewrite of last year’s NaNoWriMo effort. I was excited about it and I was prepared to devote all my writing energies to it. And so, after two weeks of character and world building, outlining and scene card creating, I was ready.  On September 3, I began penning my third novel attempt.

Today is October 7, and I’m still going strong! The novel is at page 136, about 43,000 words so far. My personal deadline is October 24 for finishing draft 1, so I can have a week to focus on planning my NaNoWriMo novel. I’m so excited about this project, Soulreader, though. I genuinely believe it’s the best novel I’ve written so far, and I’m determined to make it as perfect as I can, hopefully to start querying by the end of next summer.  Things are looking up, and it’s all because I decided to start forcing myself to write every day.

But there are two other exciting things going on right now! The first is that I have had my work published for the first time, in Opening Line Literary Zine, an online publication. (See the section of my blog titled ‘Publications’ for links and an excerpt!) The October theme is Supernatural, and my story is a spooky, haunting story of a foggy night in San Francisco, and the things that lurk there…

The second thing I’m excited about right now is my recent application to an internship with a literary agency! In the interests of discretion, I’m not allowed to discuss which agency or agent, but it’s a relatively new agency that seems to be a really good atmosphere. I really hope I get the position, as I’m very interested in what goes on in the day-to-day life of an agent. Mainly I’ve been sitting by the computer, fingers crossed and refreshing my email inbox, ever since I applied yesterday afternoon. I’ll be sure to update the moment something appears, of course.

So, writing and school have been a large chunk of my life since I got back from California July 3, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m building quite the writing community on Twitter, both of friends I made in the writing program and those I met on Twitter one way or another. They’re all very encouraging and we all get excited for each other when something great happens. Every day is a new confirmation that this is what I should be doing. This is what I love doing. So stay tuned, because I’m still working hard at it, every single day.

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