Week 3

Already I can feel that I’m forgetting some things. That’s when you know you’re not updating enough…

So! Today begins week 3 in California. Sometimes it seems like it’s been that long but other times it doesn’t. Some days just fly by, especially during the week when I have stories to read and comment on.

I haven’t been writing at all, which is absolutely ridiculous. With all the time I have on my hands, you’d think I would, but no. I have this mental block where I subconsciously tell myself everything I write is going to be atrocious before a single sentence gets jotted down. It’s a problem. I was talking to my small group about it, actually.

Which brings me to my first topic: my small group. I got placed with 3 great people! Unfortunately, one didn’t come to our cafe meetup on Thursday because she was sick. I’m looking forward to becoming good friends with all of them. The two I had lunch with Thursday are really great; we had a wonderful time just talking about writing and life. They’re really helpful and encouraging, which is great.

Saturday I had the unique opportunity to see an advance screening of the film “The East” and attend a Q&A with the director and stars Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard afterward! That was a lot of fun. I actually ended up filming the entire Q&A, which you can find on YouTube here. You can’t see them very well since I was a little ways back, but the audio is pretty good.


From left to right: Ellen, Alexander, and Zal (director)

After that I grocery shopped again and I’ve been lazing around all weekend, doing nothing. My roommate’s out until tomorrow night so I’ve literally done nothing. I should write, I really should…

Well, that’s all for now! I’m going to a Sarah Dessen book signing in San Francisco tomorrow evening, so watch for another post then. Excited!


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