Day 3

As planned, I was completely and totally lazy today. My legs hurt so badly from this weekend that I’m not sure I could do anything even if I wanted to.  So instead I stayed in the apartment, reading stories for my first week of class and getting a feel for how the next 5 1/2 weeks are going to be.

The one moment that broke the dullness was the unexpected fire alarm. I heard a noise but couldn’t tell at first where it was coming from (you can tell I have a lot of experience with these things… not!).  I looked out the peephole and saw the alarm blinking.  I grabbed the keys and left, not bringing anything and in my socks to boot.  I kept getting turned around trying to find the stairs but I did eventually. As I was about to go down, someone from the 3rd floor was coming down saying it was a false alarm. Someone hit the alarm while trying to move furniture in or something. So yeah, that freaked me out a bit but at least it wasn’t a real fire…

Came back here, read a bit, then took a nap. All in all, a pretty boring day, but my first class is tomorrow, so that will probably change. Looking forward to it!

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