The Final Countdown (& The Fair Phantom)

Here we are in the home stretch.  My flight leaves from MSY airport at 8:50 Saturday morning, off to a brief layover in Vegas, then on to Oakland/Berkeley.  My emotions have been all over the place in the last 2 weeks, ranging from anxiety to excitement.  I’m currently on the excitement end of the spectrum; I can only hope that lasts up to Saturday and for the six weeks of adventuring to follow.  I like to think I’m doing the right thing, going to this intensive program.  I want to learn.

Also, every time I start to think I’m making a terrible mistake with my career choice, something happens to set me straight.  This time it came unexpectedly.  I decided to look up my name to see what it means.  A lot of the definitions I’d seen before: paradise, sent from God, etc.  But one definition made me stop: fair phantom.  That conjured up all sorts of images in my fantasy and sci-fi loving brain.  All sorts of ideas for a new novel were hatched, just in that moment.  And then I found this image.  And I think it’s going to take me down a very interesting road indeed.  I can only hope you all stick around for the ride.



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